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Do you want to pay by check or money order?

Simply send a check/money order by February 1, 2012 for $97
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PO Box 1174

Carnation, WA  98014

Please include your name and email address. We will not take envelopes postmarked after Feb. 1, 2012.


I already signed up for this in 2010. Do I have to buy it again?

Of course not! Simply log in with the log in information we gave you the first time. It still works, and you don't have to pay a penny more!


Will this course be for sale after Jan. 29, 2012?

Herb Energetics will close midnight, Jan 29. It will be released again in the future, most likely 2013. It will not have Kiva answering questions at that point. This is the last time Kiva will personally be involved.


Why can't I join after Jan 29, 2012?

This is a class that has a pace and a live instructor answering questions. Also, LearningHerbs is a small company, and the staff needs to begin helping students and no longer has the focus nor a system to take new students.

It's no different than signing up for a live class someplace. Once the class has started, enrollment ends.


I am an HerbMentor.com paying member. Do I get a discount?

Yes. Log into HerbMentor to get it. If you paid already, contact us below with your active susbcriber email address. We will verify it, and refund you the discount amount.


Where did the free videos go?

Don't worry! The videos we offered you are now inside the Herb Energetics course.


You've sent me a lot of emails. Why?

Because you asked us to. You opted in (and confirmed) yourself by typing in your email address and asked us to learn more about this course. If you don't want to hear from us, just unsubscribe. Once again, realize that YOU asked us for info, and we gave you what you requested.


Why are you charging so little for this course?

We do get this quite a bit. Though we pour tremendous time and resources into our courses, we do our very best to make them affordable for absolutely anyone who REALLY wants to do this. Our generosity in free and inexpensive herbal education is second to none, and celebrated all over the web. We promise it is of excellent quality. If you are not happy, we'll surely refund you within 30 days.


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