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Is it possible to learn
MORE about herbs by using
FEWER books?


You’ve been there before.

You have a health situation to deal with.

You open a home remedy book, only to find a list a mile long of possible herbs to use.

  • Which do you choose?

  • Do you even have the herb in your cupboard?

  • Can you use something in your yard or garden that you have identified?

  • How will you know you can use that plant if its properties are not listed in your book?

Herb Energetics with Kiva Rose
is an eight module, video based webinar course.

Each module takes you deeper into the world of learning to use your senses to unlock the healing properties that plants hold. Though these methods are based on ancient wisdom, Kiva presents it in a simple and grounded way to make these skills accessible to anyone interested in herbs.

Beginners and experienced herbalists alike are welcome. However, if you’re newer to herbs, you should be also working on a live or distance learning course that covers basic botany and remedy making.

This is a safe course, and is not about plant identification when using your senses. It’s about enhancing your sensory ability, and lining up simple patterns to learn about the plants you have already positively identified.

Think of Herb Energetics as a “Plug In” to courses you are already taking or have taken.

The Nine Modules

1. The Sensory Language of Life: An Introduction to Herbal & Human Energetics
a. Defining Herbal Energetics
b. Traditional Western Herbalism and Energetics
c. Benefits of Herbal Energetics

2. Learning to Listen: Healing, Herbs & Awareness
a. Nature Awareness & Herbal Energetics
b. Talking With Plants
c. Six Essential Elements to Increasing Sensory Awareness for the Herbalist

3. Tasting the Medicine: Experiential Energetics
a. The Essence of Energetics: Why We Taste the Herbs
b. The Context: Organoleptic Learning
c. On the Tongue: How to Taste a Plant

4. The 12 Tastes: Working With Flavor & Impression
a. Defining Flavor and Impression
b. Exploring the 6 Flavors
c. Exploring the 6 Impressions

5. Seeing the Spectrum: A Map to Herbal Energetics
a. Defining the Energetic Continuum
b. The Color Wheel: Spectrums vs. Polarities
c. The Primary Spectrums in Herbal Energetics

6. Speaking the Language: Herbal Actions
a. A Book of Leaves: Reading Plants Through Herbal Actions
b. An Introduction to Primary Herbal Actions

7. Engaging the Elements: Herbal Energetics & The Human Body
a. An Introduction to Differential Diagnostics
b. The Elements Within: Thermal & Fluid Energetics in the Body
c. Matchmaking: Bringing Together People & Plants

8. Digging In: Profiling Common Herbs & Foods
a. Integration & Energetic Profiling
b. A Few Simple Steps For Putting It All Together

9. Embodying the Elements: Introduction to Constitutional Theory
 NEW for version 2.0
a. An Introduction to Constitutional Theory Through the Doshas
b. Herbs for the Doshas
c. Constitutions on the Medicine Wheel


The Herb Walk

Kiva covers 15 herbs in 2 hours of live video lessons
that cover mugwort, nettles, bee balm, elder, mint, vervain, alder, cherry, mullein and more common herbs found all over North America. These lessons help put the main modules into context with live examples.


Here’s what you ALSO get with Herb Energetics v. 2.0…

  • Sweet Herbal Medicines, an eBook by Rosalee de la Foret. Covers the 6 flavors, when to use sweet medicines, cautions, and recipes on making syrups, elixirs, infused honeys, oxymels, meads, infused wines and more.
  • Questions answered by Kiva for the first month SIX WEEKS (extended for v. 2.0) of the course! 
    NEW for version 2.0
  • Foundational Herbcraft & Talking with Plants 2.5 hour video class with jim mcdonald and Kiva. This was an intensive class that people travelled hundred of miles to see in person. It’s yours without having to travel.
  • The Medicine Wheel & Constitutional Theory video. This was Kiva’s “secret class” she offered last year for Herb Energetics 1.0 students. We recorded it for you, saving you the trip to New Mexico. :)  
    NEW for version 2.0
  • Reading the Terrain, Understanding Tissue States, a new PDF report by Kiva Rose 
    NEW for version 2.0
  • jim mcdonald’s THREE hour intensive… Humoral Temperaments: Adopted (or Perhaps Corrupted) for Mongrel Herbalists. Jim includes his EXTENDED 10 page notes to help you really grasp a simple understanding of constitutions.
    NEW for version 2.0
  • JUST ADDED! Save $30 on Traditions in Western Herbalism Conference! This is a coupon code JUST for Herb Energetics students!
    NEW for version 2.0

The Nitty Gritty

  • This is a web based course. It runs on all computers with a web browser & internet access.
  • Slow connection or dial-up? All lesson videos are downloadable.
  • Videos viewable on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch with wifi and other mobile devices.

  • Do it at your own pace. It is not a live class.
  • Log in any time for ultimate flexibility.
  • You never lose access to the site. You can enroll now even if you can’t get to it until later.
  • Is simple, easy to follow, and is designed to fit into a busy life.
  • USER FORUM for better student involvement! Discuss aspects of the course with other students in organized forum threads. 
    NEW for version 2.0
  • Contains transcripts for those who like reading and audio mp3’s for those on the go.
  • Added homework for structured learning if desired.
  • Kiva adds a PDF chart and her personal “cheat sheets” in every lesson.

  • Added instructional videos help put the lessons into context.
  • Our new, interactive course delivery system makes learning simple, inspirational, effective and fun.

What folks said about Herb Energetics…

“I was very pleased with the Herbal Energetics course.  It was thoughtfully created and the website was pleasing and easy to navigate.  Loved the videos, homework, notes etc. as it is helpful for the various different learning styles that people have.  I very much liked that it was quite informative but very down to earth and easy to assimilate into one’s daily life.  I think that John and Kiva Rose did a wonderful job making and designing this course and I would highly recommend it to others.    M. Leary. Belmont, CA

“The course is very complete with hand outs, homework, transcripts, charts, audio and video. No matter how you prefer to learn there is an option for all, I can even take it with me on my iPod. I already read so much on a day to day basis, I’ve gotta say I really enjoyed videos, it was nice to sit back relax and listen.     I had looked into TMC energetics… it takes years to wrap your head around it all. Kiva does a great job simplifying the concept of energetics, presenting the topic in a common sense way that can be understood by all.    As usual Learning herbs over deliver with Bonuses, would have paid the price just for the Kiva and Jim workshop!! “   G. Côté  Quebec, Canada

“Before I took the class, the concept of Herbal Energetics just didn’t make sense to me. Now, after taking Kiva’s class, I don’t know how I could NOT understand it. Kiva is an awesome teacher! She explains concepts well, encourages hands on learning and gives relevant examples and suggestions on how to apply the knowledge. I learned a lot and totally enjoyed the Herbal Energetics class!”     L. Anderson,  Cottage Grove, WI 

“For me, this course took long distance learning to a new appreciation.  Whatever one’s preference method to learn and participate was available.  By this I mean ~ audio, visual, handouts, beautiful artwork in the charts, “bonus” gifts which created a fun, community presence, the choice of groups to follow and homework for inspiring deeper personal learning.  Kiva has a very natural gift of sharing whether basic or more advanced concepts as well as passion for the web of life.  This Energetics Course has opened my eyes and heart to my day.  Gratefully, Lisa”

“Herb Energetics was everything I hoped it to be!  I’ve studied herbs for many years, yet Herb Energetics provided me with lots of new information.  The lessons were presented in a clear and concise manner, and the charts and handouts were invaluable!  The lectures were supplemented with plant walk videos and homework assignments to bring it all together.  Many thanks to John & Kiva for making this course possible!”   J. Randall  Tuscaloosa, AL

“Herbal Energetics gives me a new way of herbal learning, totally different from the traditional way of herbal learning course. It makes herbal learning more interesting.” W. Kwok from Hong Kong

“I am SO glad I took this course. Signing up was a “what the heck, I’ll treat myself and hopefully it will be worthwhile” impulse, but it way exceeded these modest expectations. Learning the basics of herbal energetics has helped me put so many things together, and I finally feel like I can see a big picture and think as an herbalist rather than just relying on various scraps of information and experiences. Kiva Rose is a star!    M. Reidinger, Krenicna, Czech Republic

“I love the course! It was very helpful to me in further extending my knowledge of plants and how to understand and connect with them. I really like Kiva Rose as an instructor. I was inspired by her and felt that she was very down to earth and knew how to communicate her knowledge in an easy to understand way.  B. Bloy  Minneapolis, MN

“The format was great. It was so well thought out that you could access any part of the class easily.  Kiva’s  explanation of herbal energetics was clear and concise and the photos of the plants were beautiful.” S.White  Palisade,Co.

“The Herb Energetics course was so well organized and easy to follow. It was very convenient to start the modules when I was ready and to take as long as I liked with each one. I like that the web materials are available to me anytime.”    C. Spencer, Albuquerque, NM 

“This course demystifies herbalism and goes straight to the heart of working with plants and the body. Kiva’s presentation is thoughtful and engaging – perfect for both beginners and novices alike. After working with this webinar series I feel more empowered and knowledgable and better prepared to continue my current herbal studies/apprenticeship. Thank you !”   D Rogers  Neptune, NJ

“This was a beautifully crafted, clear and useful course.  I learned a tremendous amount, and love the multiple modalities used – visual, auditory, kinesthetic, with homework, modules, video and handouts all easily accessible.  Great design, great material, great instructor!”  V.  Sharples, Seattle WA.

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